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At least ten heavily armed thieves stole at least twenty containers of gold and silver from a private company near the port of the Mexican city of Manzanillo. They overpowered the existing staff and chose containers to loot. The thieves at the remote site were not noticed and it took eight to ten hours to unload the containers using cranes, among other things.

The operation, dubbed “the theft of the century” by the Mexican media, dates back to June 5, but was only revealed by authorities. They don’t reveal much about research. In addition to gold and silver, the containers also contained zinc and expensive electronic equipment.

The armed robbers would prevent the security services from interfering. Gustavo Adrian Goya, a spokesman for security issues in Colima state, where the port is located, said the gang then used cranes and trucks for eight to 10 hours to unload the containers. “They have been very selective about the kinds of merchandise they steal: valuables and other things, like air conditioners. It’s invisible. We’ve seen sporadic container thefts, but nothing of this magnitude.”

The head of National Customs, Horacio Duarte Olivares, spoke of “a very large operation carried out by organized crime”. As he left the National Palace, the seat of the Mexican government, he said an investigation was underway. He confirmed that the theft took place “in a special area” in the port.

loot value

The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that an investigation was underway. But she refused to give further details, including the amount of gold and silver stolen.

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The robbery also hit the capital, Mexico City, 500 kilometers to the east. Mexican media reported that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office turned to the matter. The head of the National Customs Service described the theft as “a major operation of organized crime”. A police spokesman in the stricken state of Colima described the theft as “unprecedented in scale”.

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