There are already seven candidates to succeed Boris Johnson


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is running to succeed Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party and thus British Prime Minister. On Saturday, Treasury Secretary Nadim al-Zahawi was nominated to become Britain’s next prime minister. Shapps was previously mentioned as a potential candidate.

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Shapps was one of the ministers who failed to quit during the chaotic week in Westminster that led to Johnson’s resignation as party leader on Thursday. He told the media he had “never been involved in plotting against the prime minister in recent turbulent years” and also said he had never doubted Johnson’s love for his country “despite his flaws – but who doesn’t have flaws?”

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Grant told the Sunday Times that he would not hold a new election if he was elected prime minister. He also promised, among other things, a tax cut for the poorest families and state aid for companies that use a lot of energy.

Shapps’ nomination comes after Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced he was not a candidate, even though he was the frontrunner to succeed Johnson by the bookmakers.

Seven candidates

Al-Zahawi was education minister but was appointed finance minister on Tuesday after Rishi Sunak resigned. He initially defended Johnson against criticism he received after appointing Conservative MP Chris Pincher to a senior position in Parliament, despite being aware of allegations of sexual harassment. In the end, he stated that the situation was no longer tenable and it was best for Johnson to resign.

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If he becomes the leader of the Conservative Party and thus the new British prime minister, Zahawi wants the economy to be stabilized. He said, according to the BBC, “My goal is simple: to bring the opportunities of my generation to all Britons, whoever they are and where they come from.” We are now a free nation because of Brexit. Now let’s talk about the opportunities it offers us and seize them.”

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss was also said to be a candidate to replace Boris Johnson, who resigned as Conservative Party leader on Thursday. This is what the British media write. Truss will formally launch her candidacy on Monday, according to The Independent, and will advocate “classical conservative principles”. Her name has been circulating as a potential candidate for a while.

With Truss joining, seven Conservatives are already candidates for the position of the new party leader, and thus also the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Previously, Finance Minister Nadim Al-Zahawi, Transport Minister Grant Shapps, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, Representative Tom Tugendhat, Attorney General Suila Braverman and former Deputy Equal Opportunity Minister Kimi Badenush have advanced.

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