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Southern Europe was devastated by unprecedented intense forest fires, and here the rivers overflowed because they would not stop the rains. “This is a clear sign that no one is getting away with climate change,” says climate scientist Valerie Troitt. against the Flemish newspaper De Morgen.

The sweltering summer here and the sweltering heat in the south “is a weather pattern we see regularly, called a dipole,” continues the professor at the University of Arizona. “It is linked to the location of the jet stream over Central Europe, which results in the inversion of weather conditions in the UK, Belgium or the Netherlands versus Italy, the Balkans and western Turkey.”

Is the situation exceptional? “It depends on how you deal with the ‘extraordinary’. In the context of the past 100 years or in the context of the next 100 years? Through scenes of the past, this confluence of extremists is certainly exceptional, hence the great interest in the media. Unfortunately, it will not be This is an exception in the future.”

Troit explains, “There are two things at work. On the one hand, there’s the warming of our planet, and the greenhouse effect that we’ve known for a long time. So you get heat waves as we’ve seen in California and now in the Balkans, and that warming also allows the air to trap more of Humidity. As a result, you get the extreme precipitation that we’ve seen recently in the Ardennes, among other places. On the other hand, there’s the jet stream. There’s a lot going on with that, but the mechanism behind it is more complex and we don’t quite understand it yet.”

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When asked if we should do more to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, she responded sharply: “The fossil fuel sector has always made a marketing campaign to blame the individual for carbon dioxide emissions. What you can do is make global warming a priority when you go to Ballot boxes.

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