These are all new emojis for WhatsApp beta users

Are you a WhatsApp tester and send emojis regularly? All kinds of new smiley faces added in chat app. You can send a flaming heart, as well as women with beards, a head in the clouds and more. You can check them out here!

Read on after the announcement.

WhatsApp emoji: testers get priority

A cute little update is coming out for celebs The WhatsApp, but only if you are a tester of the chat app. From now on, you can send many new emojis. However, the question remains whether the recipient can see it, because that person must also be a beta tester of the app at the moment. If this person is not, they will see an icon with a small red cross.

Some “yellow” emojis have been added. For example, you can now use the emoji of a head in the clouds, an emoji who coughs or has crooked eyes. Options have also been added to select women with beards of different skin tones. Finally, you can send in a few variations of the well-known red heart, including having a bandage around it or a burning heart.

WhatsApp Test Benefits

Also read how Sign up for WhatsApp beta on Play Store To use the new emoji from now on. It can be viewed and used from version However, their exact shape can vary depending on the device. As an app tester, you regularly receive updates with untested functionality. This means that you can often use the new features first.

Feedback is then collected via this testing software, which is then processed and possibly used in the normal version of the app. Based on the comments, the developer can determine for himself whether the functionality really adds something to all users. If that’s the case, you can count on it’ll be usable for everyone a little later. The question is still when that will happen, so it remains to be seen when everyone can use the new emoji.

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