There is a mysterious link between owning cats and schizophrenia, says research –

Owning a cat as a pet could double a person’s risk of developing schizophrenia-related disorders, a new study suggests.

Australian researchers conducted an analysis of 17 studies published over the past 44 years.

“We found a link between owning cats and a greater chance of developing schizophrenia-related disorders.” To write Psychiatrist John McGrath and his fellow researchers, all from the Queensland Center for Mental Health Research.

The idea of ​​a link between cat ownership and cat risks schizophrenia It was suggested in one The study is from 1995which involves exposure to a parasite called Toxoplasma It has been suggested as a cause.

To get a clearer picture, McGrath and his team say a comprehensive review and analysis of all research on these topics is needed. Because the fact that the two phenomena—having a cat and having a mental illness—occur together relatively often says nothing about cause and effect.

sources): Science Alert
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