Two skiers and a base jumper died in Switzerland outside

Two skiers and a base jumper have died in Switzerland in recent days. These are the first reports issued by the Swiss police about deaths during the winter sports season.

On Thursday, two skiers were buried by an avalanche on Piz Grivasalvas, a 2,932-metre-high mountain near the border with Italy. Teams of dogs were deployed to rescue them.

When the two 42-year-old men were stripped of their snow gear, it was discovered that one of them was already dead. The other man was taken to hospital in critical condition.

Skaters bump into each other

In Crans-Montana, two skiers collided on the slopes. One of them died instantly. The identity of that person has not yet been determined.

A German jumper (37 years old) died near Lauterbrunnen. He jumped off the mountainside from a known location.

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