There is no trace after two months: French police are again interrogating residents of the village where Lina (15 years old) disappeared outside

Two months after 15-year-old Lena lay in the French Alsace region, police are again questioning residents of the village of Plin, 50 kilometers west of Strasbourg. There, in her hometown, the girl disappeared without a trace on September 23. No news of her since then, no body, no evidence, no suspects.

On the morning of Saturday 23 September, Lena left her parents’ house and walked to Saint-Blaise-La Roche station, three kilometers away. She planned to take the train to Strasbourg, where her boyfriend Tao lives. But it never got there.

Two months later, there is still no progress in the research. Last week, police again questioned several Blaine residents. They went door to door, and according to Le Parisien, there was also a search of the house. It is not clear whether this has yielded any results. However, this does not seem to mean that the police have a specific suspect on their radar.


According to the French police, the investigation “has not reached a dead end,” and they still hope to find the girl alive. Although this chance becomes smaller and smaller as time goes on.

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Police currently believe most of them are on the path to criminal action. There are no indications that the girl herself ran away. Her boyfriend is also not considered a suspect.

One witness claims he saw Lina in a gray car on the day she disappeared and that she waved to him. He told investigators that the girl did not appear afraid.

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Another girl from the neighborhood described that she “felt like a man was following her” in a gray car, and she saw him twice. The second time, the man came out, but the girl ran away immediately.

look. Father: “My daughter was approached twice by an unknown man.”

The Strasbourg prosecutor’s office opened an investigation at the beginning of October and warned at the time that it would take “a long time.” “X” is under investigation on charges of “kidnapping and detaining for more than seven days without voluntary release.”

Reconstruction. What happened to Lina (15 years old)? (+)

Her friend Lina (15 years old) disappeared. She cannot believe that the girl got into a stranger’s car: “She knows the risks.”

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