Scientists have discovered a particle with the highest energy ever

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Scientists have discovered a new high-energy particle in the Utah desert. The particle has an unprecedented high energy and is therefore very surprising. “Touching it will feel like a brick on your foot,” says Rob van den Berg of the Sonneborg Observatory.

Scientists have discovered a particle with unprecedented high energy

“The radiation comes from the universe and is made up of all kinds of particles,” says van den Berg. “That’s what you call cosmic radiation.” This cosmic radiation contains all kinds of particles, for example, the sun or atoms, electrons and protons. Such a particle from the Sun, for example, passes through your hand every second and you don’t notice it at all.

“There are also particles with greater energy,” van den Berg continues. “This new discovery has an unprecedented amount of energy. This has only been observed once before: it Oh my god the particles. The name actually indicates the researcher’s opinion about it. But now another one has been found.

The newly discovered particle is a subatomic particle that will be more powerful than it Oh my god the particles. He. She Oh my god the particles It was probably a proton with an energy of 3 x 10²⁰ MeV. Retrieved November 15, 1991.

The new particle is a subatomic particle that will be more powerful than the oh my god particle.

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Brick walk

The particle discoverer initially thought there was an error in the measuring instruments. Because the particle contains a lot of energy. “If such a particle passed through your foot, it would feel like a brick had fallen on it.” There’s a lot of energy in it. “These types of particles are very rare and fortunately do not occur very often,” says van den Berg.

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It is not known where the particle comes from. “There are all kinds of high-energy processes in the universe. Think of black holes or active galactic nuclei. This releases a huge amount of energy. It must be this kind of process,” says van den Berg.

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