These are the best movies of the moment

1. Inspiration in the classroom

Nineteen students, ages 12 to 14, are in Hare Bachmann’s class. The class is made up of a handful of different nationalities, with children from all over the world. Herr Bachmann takes care of new children and those who still have language difficulties. Students with high scores are directed by him to help their classmates in slightly lower grades. why? Simply put, we separate and help each other out. This massive and inspiring three-and-a-half hour documentary shows how Herr Bachmann takes his polychromatic school class by dragging it on. With patience and humor he learns how to live life together.

Herr Bachmann und seine KlasseNow on VRT NU.

2. Paranormal

In 1978, a kidnapper picked teenage boys from the streets of a Denver suburb. One of them is lucky that his sister has more insight into what happened than the police. It has a psychological advantage though. black phone The excitement subtly increases, although a dash of more melodrama would have made the story more immersive.

black phoneNow in the cinema.

Mason Thames and Madeline McGraw in The Black Phone.AP . image

3. Street thug

merchant It tells the story of the friendship between an underage merchant (an impressive ambassador Sverre Rous) and a world-famous actor who is addicted to Coke. Jeroen Perceval’s first movie doesn’t always have credibility, but the raw and deeply touching street drama leaves a knot in your stomach.

merchantNow on Streamz.

Bart Holders plays Luca in

Bart Holders plays Luca in “Dealer.”picture /

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