Germany investigates political motive for rail sabotage | Abroad

German security services have taken over from the police an investigation into railway sabotage in northern Germany. German media said they did not rule out a political motive for destroying important communications cables.

Due to the sabotage of fiber-optic cables for communications, intercity trains were unable to operate for hours on Saturday. Part of the regional train traffic in the north has also been closed. According to the security services, there are no indications so far of terrorism or involvement from abroad.

According to the popular newspaper Bild, the police nevertheless believe that “sabotage from the state is at least possible”. It has also been suggested that Russia may be behind the sabotage in two different places.

German media reported that investigators are convinced that there are professionals with inside information from Deutsche Bahn. The sabotage may have been by a violent extremist leftist group. which has already happened in the past.

Politicians are worried about vandalism and the dire consequences of rail traffic. The ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD), among others, calls for better protection of railways and other important infrastructure.

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