8 Google Meet tips for working at home and on the go

Google has already made many improvements to Google Meet since the pandemic. Are you getting the most out of this video meeting service? With these 8 tips, you can get more out of your video meeting.

1. Use translation

Unfortunately, it is not yet available in Dutch, but it is available, for example, in Spanish and English: translation. The app can instantly transcribe what’s being said and it runs very smoothly. This way you can better follow the conversation, especially if it is not your native language being spoken. In addition, you can easily take screenshots of what is being said. You can turn it on in the three dots and then “Play Subtitles”.

2. Move the meeting to another screen

If you want to use your phone or laptop for something else, you can also send the meeting on another screen. Think, for example, of a Google Nest screen or your TV via Chromecast. To do this, go to the three dots again and tap Cast.

3. Customize attendance display

Sometimes you want to see as many people present in the photo as possible, and sometimes you want to focus more on the person who is speaking. You can adjust the width for this. Go to the three dots and select “Change Layout”. You will then be presented with several options to choose from.

8 Google Meet tips for working at home and on the go

4. Pin Speakers

For example, is someone driving a conversation and you want to make sure that person is always visible, even if someone asks a question? You can provide someone with a “pin”. This way, that person’s board will always be visible, even if someone else breaks into it. To do this, move the mouse over the speaker box and click the “Install” button. You can do this with multiple tiles, if you want to focus on multiple specific people.

5. Use extensions within Chrome

Use Google Meet inside Chrome browser, then you can make use of the extensions easily. If you search for Google Meet within the Chrome Web Store, you will find all kinds of options. For example, Scribble is useful: it allows you to instantly save a text version of your video in Docs.

6. Customize your wallpaper

If people don’t need to see that you haven’t cleaned your house for a while, you can also set the wallpaper. For example, you can “blur” the image so that the image is blurred (except where it can be seen) so that dishes or craft items are not visible. How? Go to the three dots and choose “Apply visual effects”.

8 Google Meet tips for working at home and on the go

7. Change the resolution

Are you on the go with Google Meet and is your internet connection not perfect there? You can adjust the resolution of video images. By moving it down a bit, your video meeting will probably run more smoothly, even if you compromise on image quality. You can set this under Settings and Video, which you’ll find under the three dots.

8. Give the participants only what they need

if I were Google is dead Host, then you have more options than the rest. In fact, you have the option to decide what the rest can do. Very useful if you have a large meeting where its main purpose is to communicate, rather than interact. You can then mute the rest automatically. To do this, go to Host Options at the bottom right and a world will open up for you.

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8 Google Meet tips for working at home and on the go

Hopefully Google Meet is easier to use now. It’s a little more personal than a regular phone conversation and at the same time a little safer than a real-life meeting. Good luck and God bless you!

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