These are the best new Dutch apps for September 2023

Many interesting applications are also being created in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this monthly overview we bring to your attention the best Dutch iPhone apps. It’s a great addition to our weekly Missing Apps section, where you’ll find apps from all over the world. Most apps are new, but sometimes you’ll also find an app that has received a major update.

Discussed earlier this month on iCulture:

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iCulture App of the Month: HabitScore

It’s hard to break old habits, but learning new ones isn’t easy either. The HabitScore iPhone app encourages you to complete tasks regularly until it slowly becomes a habit. For example, consider reading four books a month or playing an instrument every day. Through rewards, the app helps you stay motivated to work on your habits. HabitScore also has a widget to track your progress from the home screen.


Do you regularly forget to text a friend or wish your aunt a happy birthday? The Moments iOS app helps you maintain important relationships. Not only by sending you reminders, but also by helping you write letters or emails. No inspiration? The intelligent assistant does the hard work for you. You will also receive tips to enhance your social skills.

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