These are the coolest new features in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote received a major update last night. Version 12 of the three apps brings a lot of new features to the iPhone, IPAD and Mac. open the App Store And update them soon, because these are our six favorite new features for iWork apps after the April 2022 update!

1. Quickly create a new document

If you’d rather jot down your good ideas right away when they come to your mind, you can do it faster with Pages at Iphone and iPad. Make sure the app is on your home screen, tap and hold on it with your finger and tap New Document when this window appears.

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2. Put the page numbers on your own

at Pages For your Mac, you can now place page numbers wherever you want. In the corners, in the middle of the frame, in the margin – it can be in the middle of the text. Previously, there were only a few places designated for this.

3. Make a copy of your tables

Making copies of your tables: This has been possible for a long time already Prepare† Yes, that’s true, but as of today you can also do this without copying information such as formulas, categories or hidden values. This way you will instantly get a clear shot without unnecessary background information.

4. Zoom in on your slides

iWork April 2022 update

Since the update, you can zoom in up to 400% on your slides Keyword† This is double what it was before the update: then 200% was the max. If you are giving a presentation and it is unexpectedly related to a certain number or detail, now you can easily see that.

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5. Exact font size

New feature for all iWork apps: change font size with greater accuracy. Since today you can change not one, but two decimals. This way you can adjust the size of the characters in the document even more.

6. Commands for pages, numbers and bases

We finish with the biggest news: since the April 2022 update, iWork apps are compatible with exercises on your Mac† Going forward, you’ll find some standard tasks included here, including opening or creating a new file.

The task’s name depends on the application you’re using: for example, you open a file with “Open a document” in Pages, “Open a spreadsheet” in Numbers, or “Open a presentation” in Keynote. You have to do the tasks yourself, but in the end it gives your productivity a huge boost!

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