These candidates did not marry MAFS but did find each other

After the sixth season of Married at first sight Two of the participants found each other perfectly, without matching. This would be a little tricky, as one of them is gay and the other isn’t. It’s only about 40-year-old Danny from Limburg and 25-year-old Lizzie from Nord Brabant.

On their Instagram pages, you can see that these two discovered each other in friendly terms after filming. With a picture of the two of them together, Lizzie wrote: “When the men are away …”. Then Danny said, “It was fun again.” So it looks like the two have met regularly.

Currently we can all see how Lizzy and Danny try to find their perfect match on dating show RTL 4. Lizzy is linked to Lars from Brabant and Danny tries to find happiness with Rein, who lives in Haarlem. Both spouses seem to have started with a flying start. Lizzy and Lars as well as Rein and Danny immediately indicated after yes that they liked their match. But did they really find the right person? Time will tell. Although Lizzie and Danny will know each other now.

Wondering if you and your partner are the perfect match according to the science? In the video below you can learn how to do a conformance test Married at first sight He can.

Married at first sight We see you every Monday and Tuesday at 8.30pm on RTL 4.

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