These countries are leading the vaccination race

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One source of growing frustration in some countries is the difference in vaccination coverage. What can they do in Israel that seems difficult for us to do? The state has already vaccinated nearly two million Israelis, while we are not yet at top speed. Here is an overview of the countries that are going faster.

Approximately two million vaccines are distributed in Israel, equivalent to 21.38 doses per 100 inhabitants. The United Arab Emirates comes in second place, much later. The Arab country has already given 11.8 doses per 100 people. Bahrain completed the top three, but the UK is also preparing to vaccinate the population as quickly as possible. The British are now going the extra mile, after the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine has also been approved.

Dealing with Pfizer

Israel began vaccinating on December 19, and since then, it has started vaccinating them day and night, giving them a capacity of about 150,000 people per day. This application is particularly successful due to the very good healthcare system. But what also plays a role is that Israel has already negotiated a very large amount of the Pfizer vaccine at an early stage. Some other countries simply cannot go faster because they are not getting doses.

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