These films not to be missed on TV (April 9-15)

“Clash” ★★★★ ☆
Canvas, Saturday 10 April, 22.40

Drama 2013, the Egyptian army overthrew the president Mohamed Morsy Which led to chaos in the streets of Cairo. Director Mohamed Diab He brings that turbulent period into sharp focus, with a stifling thriller drama that is far more exciting than the title of “Egyptian Political Cinema” suggests. The entire movie takes place in a police car, where several people are locked up throughout the day. An Australian journalist, a brave nurse, and both pro- and anti-Morsi protesters are stabbed together, while the city is on fire outside. This may all sound very sketchy, but Diab brings the drama to life with dynamic camera action and above all with some very exciting scenes (sequence with the sniper!). More than just an ordinary letter movie, Clash is a real and vibrant cinema.

★★★★ “dogs of reserves”
VTM Conference 4, Friday 9 April, 22.40

CRIME Take your black suit out of the closet again to get that first legendary movie Quentin Tarantino, about a gang of gangsters who try to find out who the mole is in their midst after a botched robbery. The MadonnaThe dialogue and the infamous ear scene are just a few memorable moments.

Sunday, April 9, 23.15

Comedian about the forties (Billy CrystalAnd the Daniel Stern On Bruno KirbyTry to avoid a midlife crisis by playing a cowboy on a farm for two weeks. The humor is a bit sitcom-like, but in itself it is very witty. Watch out for the little boy Jake Gyllenhaal Son of Crystal.

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“Venom” ★★★ ☆☆
VTM 2, Saturday 10 April, 20.25

Action Tom Hardy He plays a journalist who turns into a monster after colliding with a parasite from outer space. amusing comic book movie About a character who once started as a Spider-Man villain. Michelle Williams On Ahmed Rais well cast love interest And the villain in service.

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“A Star Is Born” ★★★ ☆☆
Play 4, Saturday 10 April, 20.25

Drama actor Bradley Cooper He makes his directorial debut with this fourth edition of the classic Rags to riches-a story. He himself plays a famous singer and is a talented newcomer (Lady Gaga) under his wing. gradually her above to be Autumn. Efficiently made tearjerker with a great soundtrack.

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★★★ ½ “hill note”
A, Saturday 10 April, 21.20

ROMCOM The World’s Greatest Movie Star (Julia Roberts(Falls in love with a simple bookseller in London)Hugh Grant). Creamy sweet but sometimes also a very funny romantic fairy tale of the uncrowned maestro of the genre, Richard Curtis (“Love Actually”). Comfortable food cinema perfect for closing times.

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★★★★ “Shutter Island”
VTM, Saturday 10 April, at 22.00

Thriller Martin Scorsese Roman fiction Dennis Lehaneabout a policeman (Leonardo DiCaprio) who traveled circa 1950 to an inauspicious psychiatric prison to investigate the disappearance of a patient. Directed by Scorsese’s usual skill and love for the genre.

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“Botech” ★★★ ☆☆
NPO 2, Saturday 10 April, 0.10

Comedy Boulevard farce with Catherine Deneuve Stars as the wife of a factory owner who takes over the company after her husband is injured in a strike. Director Francois Ozon He tries not to hide the theatrical roots of his story which leads to a frantic atmosphere.

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“STAR TREK” ★★★ ½ ☆
VTM Conference 3, Sunday, April 11, 20.40

SCIFI Reboot from the legendary sf series, with Chris Pine Like Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto the master. Spock. The sometimes somewhat ambiguous situations of the original series have been omitted, in favor of a light-hearted space adventure. The purists frowned, and everyone watched a cute action movie.

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★★★ “Crazy Rich Asians”
Play 5, Tuesday 13th April, 20.35

Romcom Romcom is about a Chinese American woman who travels with her boyfriend to Singapore to meet his wealthy family. A predictable and sympathetic comedy about fish out of water. Received in the US with a lot of superlatives out of sympathy all asia cast, but it’s a fun movie.

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“Captain Phillips” ★★★★ ☆
VTM 3, Thursday 15 April, 20.40

drama Tom Hanks Rarely has he been better than here, the captain of a cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates. Director Paul Greengrass Movies in trust him fly on the wallThe style that enhances the sheer originality. The last three minutes are advanced lessons in naturalistic representation.

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