These foods can change the smell of urine

Before we talk about what foods affect the smell of urine, it is important to know what exactly the smell is. Earlier we wrote an article about what the smell of urine says about your health. Has your urine smelled strange for a long time? Or are you worried? Then call your doctor.

One of the most famous foods that can change the smell of urine is asparagus. This “white gold” contains acid asparagus. This acid itself does not have a specific odor, but the typical odor originates in the body. Peter HobeckProfessor of Urology and Urology at the University Hospital Ghent, explains advertisement How is it. “When we eat asparagus, as always, our body kicks in the process of digestion and kick-starts our metabolism. Ingested material is processed into molecules that the body can use to be active and productive.” According to the professor, decomposition products are released, to which sulfur is attached.

Next, the digestion process creates another substance called Methylmercaptan. As a result, waste products must be excreted through the kidneys. The particles that sulfur sticks to end up in the urine, causing the well-known smell of sulfur to remain in the toilet.

In addition to asparagus, there are more foods that can change the smell of urine. But what exactly should you pay attention to? according to Tina Spicy foods can make urine smell stronger. Other foods, such as coffee and garlic, can also give your urine a distinct or “different” smell. the Ostomy Society He listed a number of other foods that affect the smell of urine:

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  • Fish
  • tea
  • egg
  • citrus fruits
  • Vitamin B

In addition to foods, medications and supplements can also cause urine to smell “different,” or foul-smelling. according to Our father For example, antibiotics, nutritional supplements, and B vitamins. Medications for diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis can also change the smell of urine.

Have you recently (a lot) eaten any of the foods that can change the smell of your urine and does your urine smell different now? In this case there is nothing wrong. The smell will go away on its own as the food leaves your body. This also applies to medications and nutritional supplements that you have taken. But when in doubt, it is always wise to consult a physician.

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