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The sun is shining again this summer and we have to keep that in mind in the car. It is best to get some things out of your parked car, as they can cause problems.

On hot days, while driving in hot weather, we can keep the car nice and fresh by using the air conditioner. But when the car is parked, temperatures rise quickly. In about ten minutes on a nice summer day, the temperature can easily rise above 40 degrees. If you go out, even if only for a short time, you must, of course, take children and animals with you. But not only them, you should also remove these from your hot car.

Things to get out of your hot car:

Battery electronics
Leaving the device with the batteries in a very hot vehicle for more than approximately 2 hours can permanently shorten the battery life. In addition, heat also damages other parts of the device, including the LCD screen, the plastic casing, and the glue that holds the device together. This applies to smartphones, tablets, laptops and many other devices. And don’t forget the power bank – it’s also best to keep it cool. Do you have a separate navigation device? It is also best to store this in the sunny car out of direct sunlight.

Deodorant (and other aerosols)
Roll-on deodorant poses no danger in a hot car. This is just a liquid that is brought to the skin with the ball. But definitely don’t leave a spray can in your car when it’s hot, not in direct sunlight or in your glove box. The heat can build up the pressure and cause the bottle to explode. Needless to say, this is very dangerous especially when you are in the car or driving. Otherwise, put deodorant in the trunk as it is less affected by the heat.

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Don’t leave a lighter
It may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember: leaving a lighter in your car can be extremely dangerous. A lighter can explode in extreme heat, especially if it is placed in direct sunlight. This could set your car on fire. What’s the best thing to do with a lighter? Take it with you in your bag or in your pocket to avoid any danger. Oh, and don’t leave your glasses on the dashboard either, because sunlight through the lenses can cause a fire.

soda cans
It is important to quench your thirst in the car on hot days. But if possible, prefer bottled water over cans. Not just because it’s better for your health, but mainly because it’s less dangerous. Like an aerosol can, soda can also explode when exposed to high temperatures. They don’t pose a fire hazard, but Coca-Cola or other soft drinks will be everywhere.

Speaking of that water bottle, keep it out of the sun. The water in the bottle acts as a magnifying glass for the sun’s rays. They can also – no matter how small the chance – cause a fire in your car. So when you go out, take your water bottle with you, or put it away.

Nail polish also poses a risk at high temperatures
So far, it mainly concerns products that are under pressure. But it’s also best to get things out of your car without squeezing them. For example nail polish. The paint crumbles due to the high temperatures. In addition, the temperature may cause the bottle to explode. Then try cleaning it up!

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