These non-winners also scored on the charts –

Congratulations (United Kingdom 1968)

Cliff Richard is definitely not missing from this list. He became in front of a crowd in a house Won by one point By Spanish Massey, though Congratulations One of the biggest hits the song produced in the 1960s.

eres tú (Spain 1973)

The Spanish entry from 1973 took silver in Luxembourg, but is a classic on many continents. Mocedades is the only non-winner to perform on a regular EBU show 50 years of the Eurovision Song Contest In 2005. eres tú Eleventh out of fourteen candidates, but with ten Belgian and twelve Dutch points.


Djuli (Yugoslavia 1983)

Montenegrin-Belgian singer Daniel ESF placed fourth in 1983, but later achieved more success. English version Her Eurovision song. Julie It came second in the then BRT Top 30.


Gente de Mare (Italy 1987)

Johnny Logan won the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgium, but Italian duo Umberto Dozzi & Raf also pulled out. Fifth place It topped the Flemish charts in Brussels, and the song remains a classic.


Oh… ah… a little (United Kingdom 1996)

Many unsuccessful British song contest entries peaked in the Flemish charts, but Gina G’s 1996 song is still worth mentioning. The judges ranked the song eighth with the best score of the Belgian jury, but then the British contribution grew. Grammy Award-winning record It became a hit in America. It is about the game’s biggest success in the 1990s.


my star (Latvia 2000)

The Latvians started their Eurovision career with a bang, finishing third on their debut Highest score by a Belgian. Later, Brainstorm’s song became an unexpected hit in Flanders.


Divine (France 2008)

With his extraordinary song and ditto performance in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Frenchman Sébastien Delier finished nineteenth. Nevertheless, he scored a hit on Ultratop and his song was used in the car brand’s international advertising campaign. Renault.


Dum Tech Tech (Turkey 2009)

It’s a little disappointing, though Turkish-Belgian Hadith With his Turkish Eurovision entry from 2009 he scored a monster hit in the Flemish UltraTop 50 – again leading to a high score during the Eurovision Song Contest.


Alleys ola ole (France 2010)

Jessie Matador finished twelfth at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, but her song became a big hit over the summer. Alleys ola ole It peaked at number four on the UltraTop 50.


Calm after the storm (Netherlands 2014)

After an impressive score in Copenhagen, Ilse Delange and Veylon lost to Austrian Conchita Wurst, but from time to time the duo had their biggest win of the year. Calm after the storm Finished at the top of the Ultratop 50.


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