How fast should you run to escape your problems? Scientists answer

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That blue letter from the tax authorities, quarrels with friends and then also that horrific hangover from the festival: Time to escape. But how fast should you run to get rid of all your misery? Scientist Erica Fürstenberg explains.

In order to really run away from your problems, the scientist says that you first have to think about the size of the problem. If your ex is breathing down your neck, then you should run at least 60 kilometers per hour. Is it about work? Then you can also run a little under thirty kilometers per hour. “Note, these are set speeds,” Fürstenbusch confirms. “One kilometer more or less guarantees that trouble will catch up with you immediately.”

According to fellow scientist Berend, running away from your problems is a profession in itself. “You should be able to run at any time of the day at a pace that most top athletes can’t. That’s why we’re also now investigating whether you can get away from your problems. Or skateboard, or maybe even eat. In fact, There is still a lot of open matter, science does not yet have an answer to everything.”

Anyway, the conclusion of both worlds is: “If something happens, don’t wait too long and start running right away.”

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