These older Samsung Galaxy A models are receiving new updates

Several devices in Samsung’s Galaxy A series for 2021, 2022, and 2023 have received minor and major updates in recent weeks. Models from 2020 will also be on display this week. The Galaxy A41 and Galaxy A71 lead the way.

Galaxy A41 September 2023 update

The mid-range Galaxy A41 and A71 phones debuted in the spring of 2020 – more than three years ago now. Both models officially receive only two updates per year. Both models got three in 2023 alone – and now on a fourth.

A 238MB+ update is ready for Galaxy A41, containing firmware version A415FXXS5DWI1. This will install all recent security patches, including the latest patch: September. In addition, the update improves ‘Stability and reliability“From the phone. As is often the case, we’re sparing the finer details. Anyway, the Galaxy A41 can handle this for now, in terms of Android security, One UI and apps.”

Galaxy A41 update availability

You can now install the update on all Galaxy A41 models sold in the Netherlands and Belgium. It doesn’t matter if you have it Unbranded device, or a described Vodafone or T-Mobile version.

Galaxy A71 August 2023 update

Just like the A41, the Galaxy A71 is also an odd duck when it comes to updates. The South Koreans quickly decided to update the device less frequently. Eighteen months ago, the frequency was officially reduced to one update every six months. However, since this decision, the device has already received six updates, and now the seventh. And so the fourth in 2023. Moreover: there is more going on.

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The size of the update to firmware version A715FXXUADWH4 is more than 1.3 GB. This is a similar update to the major “interim updates” that have also appeared on devices like the Galaxy A54, Galaxy A53, and Galaxy A52 in recent weeks. The A71 is the first of the 2020 A series to receive such a major update. Usually only Android and One UI upgrades come in such a large package.

Funnily enough, the update on the Galaxy A71 only includes security patches until August. However, the ‘Stability and reliability“Improved. But this time we did not get an accurate description of why the package weighed more than 1GB.

Galaxy A71 update available

The major update is available on all Galaxy A71 models sold in the Netherlands and Belgium. As always, you can wait for the automatic notification, or check availability manually. You can do this via Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install.

What about the Galaxy A51?

There is no similar update available yet for the Galaxy A51. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if this device also receives some new patches soon – whether it’s in the form of a 1.5GB package or not. When the time comes, we will of course publish it here.

Have you installed one of the above updates on your Galaxy A41 or A71? Will you encounter more changes – or bugs –?

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