These simple tips will help you live longer, according to an expert

A significant number of centenarians live in the so-called “blue zones”. how is that possible? American Dan Buettner has studied this matter for years and has written several books about it. According to him, you don’t have to change everything radically right away to live longer. In conversation with UK Metro Gives some simple advice.

Wednesday Today insideGentlemen are still talking about the fact that people may live longer in the future, preferably 300 years. And this science comes up with all sorts of things for that. But VI icon Johan Derksen is not looking forward to that at all. “I already know how hard it is to pee at 75. No, never mind.” The tips below are for those who want to live as long as possible.

Cook one healthy meal a week

This may seem crazy, eating only one healthy meal a week. But Buettner has a good reason for this. According to the expert, many people rush into making decisions so quickly that they are quickly thrown overboard.

That’s why he calls for manageable goals. “Instead of good intentions, learn to cook at home,” he says. UK Metro. “Every time you eat out, you consume about 300 calories more than if you just used the stove.”

Cook three new dishes a month

Buettner encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. “Make it a challenge,” he says. “Try to cook three new recipes a month, or until you find one you like. Once you know how to make a bunch of delicious vegetarian recipes, I’m done. I’ll see you again when you’re 100.”

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Move naturally

In January, gyms are packed to capacity with well-intentioned people. But in February, much of it had already been dropped. The motivation turned out to be short-lived. To address this problem, Buettner recommends moving naturally. For example, you can walk or ride a bike to work or the supermarket.

Go to bed early

An ancient secret to living happily and long is to go to bed early. Buettner’s research in the Blue Zones shows that people who live a long time often go to bed shortly after sunset and wake up shortly after sunrise.

Gather people around you with the same goals

According to a “longevity” expert, it’s easier to live a healthier life if you have people around you who have the same goals. For example, find someone to cook with or exercise with, so you can be more motivated.

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