weather forecast. Code yellow due to slippery roads Until noon, the winter sun dissipates the morning fog | Weather News

This morning, we continue to watch for residual snow, ice patches, and freezing fog. This is why code yellow applies until 1pm due to slippery conditions across the country. Low clouds from the morning will give way to winter sunshine. RMI reports this.

look. Frank Dubucage provides the weather forecast for the coming days

The mercury rises to +2 degrees at the sea, to near the freezing point in the center of the country, and to -3 degrees in the upper Fens. The clouds will increase in density at night on Sunday. Minimum temperatures range from -1° on the coast to -3° in the center and -6° in the highlands.

Sunday A disturbance is passing over the country, leading to the formation of dense clouds with the possibility of light rain. It may be wintry at first, with melting snow or freezing rain. In some places it also remains dry. Winds will be strong, reaching speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour. Maximum temperatures reach about 2 degrees in the higher elevations, 6 to 7 degrees in the middle, and 10 degrees in the sea.

also Monday Initially, it will be very cloudy with rain and strong winds, with gusts of 80 kilometers per hour or more. Later it will become drier with pronounced bouts. Maximum range from 7 to 11 degrees.

TuesdayThe morning is sunny in many places with high cloud fields. Later in the day there will be more clouds and rain, with temperatures reaching 6 to 11 degrees.

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