Trump-appointed official refuses to leave after President Joe Biden resigns

Biden on Friday asked two top Social Security Administration (SSA) executives to resign. David Black answered the question, but the agency chief mumbled. As a result, President Biden Andrew Saul was fired, but according to the commissioner, he does not have that right.


The businessman from New York was appointed in 2018 by Donald Trump as the head of the SSA. A year later, he was officially elected to a six-year term. Saul was supposed to remain in office until 2025, but that was out of Biden’s decision.

Saul’s resignation is not entirely surprising. A White House official testified anonymously that there was discontent with the president within the administration. It was in conflict with unions and, according to Democrats, would have systematically undermined the benefits for people with disabilities.


The New Yorker announced that it will begin work on Monday. He described his resignation as “illegal”. Republicans speak of a “political decision.” The White House says Biden has the potential to replace the CEO. It is based on recent Supreme Court rulings.

Biden appointed Kilulu Kigakazi as the acting CEO of the SSA. Before he can act, there will likely be a legal battle over who will rightfully hold the position.

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