This Disney + series starring Selena Gomez will do better than Squid

You read that right, because it turns out that the Netflix series is not very popular squid game, but the Disney + . series Only the murders in the building Starring Selena Gomez is currently the highest rated series. If we are to believe the biggest movie review sites. The series is a Hulu and Star Original, and is currently shown on Disney+ in Belgium.

from Mystery Comedy Series Only the murders in the building Not only incredibly good results on the well-known site rotten tomatoes, but also IMDb. In the end, Gomez series got a rating 8,2 Out of 10. It is slightly above the grade squid game, the only evaluation 8,1 I wrote the Dutch magazine out of 10 Ethics.

Selena Gomez

It took a while before we saw Selena Gomez act again. The last time I did it was 2 years ago, in 2019, in the movie Rainy day in New York Along with Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning, it was written and directed by acclaimed Woody Allen. Gomez preferred to focus on her music career and released her latest albums “Rare” and “Revelación”. In between it can be heard as Mavis in Hotel TransylvaniaMovies like Betsy the giraffe in the movie Doolittle With Robert Downey Jr.. but we’ve also seen her try to cook on her cooking show Selena + ChefWhich has now been renewed for a fourth season.

Selena Gomez has decided to spoil us once again with her acting talents in the new mystery comedy series Only the murders in the building. from show Follows three strangers: Gomez, Steve Martin (Pink pantherAnd cheaper by the dozen(On Martin Short)Three friends!And Santa Claus 3), who share an obsession with true crime stories. And when a neighbor suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances in their New York apartment building, the trio decide to investigate themselves. As you may have guessed, this series is not as horrible as the huge Netflix series squid game, but according to the ratings it is definitely worth a look.

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better than squid game

Rotten Tomatoes Scale, which is based on reviews from professional reviewers and critics, scores Only the murders in the building At the moment it is 100 percent. Compared to 94 percent of the blockbuster series squid game For example, also 91 and 92 percent of other popular Netflix series You are employment Stealing money. It is noteworthy that the audience score for the Disney + series is also higher than with squid game. There the score was 94 percent, compared to 84 percent of South Korean soap operas.

If you have visited the website of Metacritic Go ahead, then scores there too Only the murders in the building Better than the most famous South Korean series squid game. There is the first one to have metascore 76 and user score 9.5. While Squid has to handle a file metascore out of 69 and a user score of 7.4.

Please note that this may change, as these scores are related to reviews. If negative reviews appear, the result, of course, will decrease. However, this good reception from fans and critics may be the reason for renewing Selena Gomez’s series for a second season. The crime comedy streaming service announced it recently Twitter. In addition, the good clicking between the three heroes is undeniable. It’s time to give this series a chance! The show consists of ten episodes and can be watched in our country on Disney +.

Watch the trailer for it here Only the murders in the building:

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