This European country is considering abolishing the speed limit

You may have missed it, or you may not care, but the UK has a new Prime Minister. Liz Truss takes over from Boris Johnson. This might be good news for car enthusiasts now that the unlimited speed is on the German car Autoban In limbo.

In the lead up to her appointment, Liz Truss made some statements about UK motorways. For example, you’ll take a critical look at the “smart highways” out there. They’re clearly not a big fan of the variable speeds and rush hour lanes out there; These things may be deleted.

No more speed limits in England?

Even more interesting are Truss’ statements about the speed limit. She previously said in a debate that she was willing to consider removing the speed limit on UK motorways. In 2018, she actually argued for a higher top speed and seemed to want to move on.

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Truss has already been appointed prime minister. It remains to be seen if anything will really come off a motorway without a speed limit in the UK. Saying things during elections is one thing, but doing them is often more difficult. There may be a downside to the idea in terms of emissions. In addition, not all roads in England are well maintained for speeds over 200 km/h.

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