1,500 euros for a new school jacket: British retailer launches brochure with exclusive ‘back to school’ clothing

© Bonpoint/ Burberry/ Ralph Lauren

Schools in the United Kingdom will also reopen on September 1. Although many schools out there work with uniforms, it doesn’t change the fact that children and young people want to look good.

British online retailer Alex & Alexa has created a catalog with exclusive ‘back to school’ clothing featuring designs from Burberry, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

For example, you can send little kids to school in a Burberry dress for 370 euros and matching sneakers for 270 euros.

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© Burberry via Alex & Alexa

But the collection also includes a €1,490 pink metallic Gucci coat for your six-year-old or a €1,390 pink metallic coat for ten to twelve-year-olds.

© Alex & Gucci via Alexa

And designers aren’t the only onesBack to schoolA clothing line was launched. You can also buy backpacks and lunch boxes with the Gucci name on them for the little ones. For example, you have already paid 890 euros for a Gucci backpack.

© Alex & Gucci via Alexa


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