“This is 1932 instead of 2022”: British press and massacre of the royal family after moving to the Caribbean Islands

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Prince William of Britain and his wife Kate traveled to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, one of the most tumultuous British royal visits in years. Since he could no longer travel as head of the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly the British Commonwealth, ed.), The young royal family was replaced by the British Queen.

Prince William and Kate were not always enthusiastically welcomed and there were many protests against their arrival. “There was a lot of protest about slavery. The British royal family demanded an apology for their involvement in the slavery issue. The whole debate over the fit of the monarchy and monarchy in the 21st century dominated the whole world. The purpose and that is it. Leah van Begowan In ‘The World Today’.

Kate and William’s visit was aimed at strengthening ties with the Caribbean, but the tour was the opposite. “The visit of Kate and William Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas has moved those countries further from the Commonwealth and Buckingham Palace.”

The call for the reform of the British monarchy is loud and clear in the British press. “This is the first time I’ve realized that the British people really think this is no longer possible. A photo of William and Kate inspecting a respectable guard standing in an open Land Rover. William is wearing a uniform. Lots of white and gold. Reminds you, you can not bring it now. “

It really is reminiscent of the colonial era, which you can not bring now.

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This is beyond a mistake when it comes to public relations

The British press is unanimous about the ancient practices of the monarchy. “The royal family really wants to do things differently. That discussion was taken up by everyone. They have suggestions on how to do it differently. There are lists and lists of proposals,” said Van Beckowan.

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The many titles of British Prince Charles are an example. “The title of prince is enough for him. It is not so. The prince is Prince Charles of Wales, but he is the grandson of No-Much and the Duke of Again and Earl of Again. People say those titles. Should be removed.”

The Prime Minister does not have to go to Buckingham Palace every week.

“The size of the royal family is huge. There are a lot of people. The royal family no longer wants to play a major role in the Commonwealth. Today the Queen is the President of the Commonwealth. She is under pressure. , Another question is why it should be king. “

“They also think that palaces should have fewer castles and privileges,” concludes Lea van Begowan.

Listen to a conversation with Leah von Bekovan on The World Today on Radio 1 Select

Source: vrtnws.be And ‘The World Today’

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