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Psychologists at University College London studied the perfect hug. They also looked at the perfect length and arm position. The psychologists published the results of their research in the journal Acta Psychologica.

Psychologists have found that a five- to 10-second hug had a much more positive effect than a hug that lasted for a much shorter period. Remarkably, the way the arms were positioned (crossed, around the waist or above the shoulder) turned out to be insignificant.


To reach these conclusions, they asked 48 people to mate and hug each other in different ways (blindfold). Hugs were given for one, five or ten seconds and in different ways.

Participants can then decide which method of hugging they find most comfortable. Use terms like pleasant, exciting, or uncomfortable.

A hug for just one second was unpleasant compared to hugs that lasted longer. Reduce the unpleasant feeling as the hug continues.

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