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Michael Barnett is a manager at the vacuum cleaner manufacturer Black+Decker. Apartment therapy I talked to him about cleaning. He knew a lot about using vacuum cleaners and about the places you should not miss when vacuuming.

It is really essential to vacuum under your bed at least once a week according to the expert. Failing to do so can have serious consequences for your health. Particles such as lint, hair and dust can accumulate under your bed. Michael says the following about this: “You breathe in these molecules while you sleep and this can cause conditions like asthma.”

Billions of particles of particles, that’s what dust particles are made of. You can think of feces produced by house mites, pollen, bacteria, and fungal spores. However, these particles are not harmful. Particles can penetrate deeply into the lungs and airways. Irritations, such as bronchial irritation, can occur without the need for an allergic reaction.

If you can’t get all the dust under your bed, there’s a handy trick for that. Sticking an LED light on your vacuum is Michael’s advice. This ensures that you can always see the clouds of dust and keep everything dust free. useful!

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