This is how the Apple AirTag’s countermeasures work

Block the AirTag chase

With AirTag, you can monitor the location of important things, like keys, wallet, and bag. AirTags are used to tracking things. Not intended for use on humans and pets. But what if someone wants to monitor your actions and hide the AirTag in your bag? Apple has taken this into account to prevent someone from following you unnoticed. This should prevent unwanted stalking. People who wish to misuse the AirTag face a number of obstacles. But the system is not completely waterproof either.

What to do if you find an AirTag tag ‘weird’

Suppose you find a file AirTag Between your things. To find out the owner, you stick to Iphone Opposite AirTag, and then you will see the serial number. I remember AirTag In Lost Mode, you will also see contact information and a message from the owner. This is only visible if it is an AirTag is in lost mode status. If not, you will only see the serial number.

If someone wants to follow you unnoticed, Lost Mode won’t usually be enabled. All you can do is follow the onscreen instructions to deactivate the AirTag. This basically means you have a AirTag battery Outside.

You can file a report and report the serial number to the police. But without Apple’s cooperation, the police can’t tell which is which Apple id The tracker has been paired.

AirTag moves with you, what now?

Whoever wants to follow you, it likely has hidden the AirTag well, for example in the lining of your bag or jacket. In that case, there is little chance that you will quickly discover the AirTag. an Apple I found something on it.

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Discover AirTag

If the AirTag has moved with you all the time and it is not yours, you will be notified that an unknown AirTag has been found nearby. This usually happens after three days, during which time you will hear a sound. You can then locate AirTag and turn it off using the instructions above. The sound will be repeated regularly. The warning also comes, for example, when you get home or get to another place that you visit often, such as your work.

Are you IphoneUser, you will also receive notifications on the screen that the AirTag is traveling with you. Can’t find the AirTag? Then you can play a sound on it, so you know where to look.

Are you curious what would happen if Someone found your AirTag? We have separate advice on that!

Turn off notifications for your roommates

If you frequently loan items to others, you can prevent that person from receiving notifications all the time. You can set this as follows:

  1. Open the Find My app.
  2. Go to the “Me” tab.
  3. Scroll down and flip the switch Security notices for things from.

Chase notifications

You can also wait until you get a notification and then take action.

If a notification appears saying that AirTag is traveling with you, you can indicate that notifications should be paused for a day. Borrow an AirTag from someone with you Sharing with family You can choose whether to disable notifications for a day or indefinitely.

So this is only possible when you receive the notification. There is no place where you can arrange this in advance.

How well do AirTag countermeasures work?

an Apple Carefully consider the potential for unwanted tracking of people who use AirTag. However, some obstacles remain in the system.

These are the pluses:

  • Apple is the first tracker manufacturer to pay attention to this.
  • The measures also take into account non-iPhone users.
  • Notifications only appear when the owner is not near the AirTag. If you always go for a walk with the same person, don’t be stalked and you won’t receive any reports of unwanted AirTags.
  • You can turn off anti-tracking for your co-workers, which can be useful if you borrow your car keys, for example.

However, there are also some downsides:

  • Notifications will only appear after three days or when you arrive at a known location, such as your home. By that time, the stalker already knew where you live, work and go to school.
  • If you live with Stalker, notifications will not appear. AirTags will reconnect to the owner’s iPhone every day. The period of time for notifications is reset. So you will not have to approach the owner for more than 3 days to receive notifications anyway. It also means that the colleague or partner can follow where you are unnoticed during the day.
  • The victim cannot easily see who posted the AirTag.

Inadequate anti-stalking was also demonstrated on AirTag by Washington Post testing, where An editor followed for days by a colleague. This was done with the knowledge of everyone involved, but it shows that it is possible to find out where someone is. You don’t receive many notifications and if the AirTag is well wrapped in textiles or a sound-absorbing fabric, the warning sounds can be difficult to hear.

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