This is how you can improve the sound quality on Spotify

Do you find the sound quality of Spotify on Android and iOS disappointing? With these steps, you can increase the sound quality.

Spotify is not exactly known for its HiFi sound quality. on the contrary. The streaming service is probably the last one that does not yet support lossless audio files. Spotify has a maximum bitrate of 320kbps. By comparison, Apple’s Lossless audio achieves an A Bit rate max 800-900 kbps. The ebb and flow crushes both ends with a master bit rate of 2304 to 9216 kbps.

In addition, with a higher bit rate, more detail can be preserved in the audio. Are you on Spotify and want to keep using it? In this case, of course, this comparison is of little use. However, there is a good chance that you are not currently getting maximum sound quality from your Spotify streams. Below we explain the steps you can take to improve the audio quality on Spotify.

Option 1 / Increase the sound quality

By default, you cannot stream at Spotify’s maximum bit rate. On the contrary, even: the sound quality is usually set to “normal” (96 kbps) or the quality is set according to your network connection. Provided you have enough mobile data, we recommend switching to the Very High (320kbps) option.

  1. To do this, open a file Spotify app on Android or iOS
  2. Click on it at the top right gear sign
  3. Click sound quality (iOS) or scroll down to File Sound quality settings to find (android)
  4. select in Stream over Wi-Fi And Stream over the mobile network to very high

If you often download playlists, choose the highest sound quality there as well. Keep in mind that this takes up more storage space.

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Option 2 / Disable audio normalization

You may have noticed that the volume of commercials on TV sometimes differed from one another in the past. Everything has to do with sound normalization. Although standards are created to balance the size of tracks, not everyone adheres to them. One solution is sound normalization: equalizing the volume level on each track. As good as that is for hearing, you’re compromising on sound quality. So we explain how to disable the function:

  1. To do this, open a file Spotify app on Android or iOS
  2. Click on it at the top right gear sign
  3. Click He plays (iOS) or scroll down to File playback settings to find (android)
  4. Turn off the back key Normalize the sound (iOS) or Volume normalization (android)
Spotify audio normalization

The only downside to this is that some songs can be louder than you’re used to. Turn down the volume of headphones and wireless earbuds to prevent hearing damage.

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