This is the best diet for those who want to live as long as possible –

Getting older isn’t for everyone. And you still have to be very lucky. But healthy eating also helps a little. Researchers have found out what is the best diet for those who want to reach 100.

Two American gerontologists have examined all the literature on nutrition and longevity. “We studied the relationship between nutrients, fasting, genes, and longevity in short-lived species. We have linked these links to clinical studies in primates and humans, including more than 100 people,” explains Walter Longo of the University of Southern California. to Science Alert.

Longo and colleague Rosalynn Anderson have attempted to forge a scientific consensus when it comes to healthy eating. It comes down to a lot of unrefined carbohydrates, plant proteins, and vegetable fats.

“Eat plenty of legumes, whole grains, and vegetables. Eat less fish, no red or processed meat and less poultry. Eat plenty of nuts and olive oil, and less dark chocolate and less sugar and refined carbs,” says Longo.

Research published in the professional journal prison cell Nothing new has actually appeared in the sun: eat a lot of veggies, a little meat, a little sugar, some nuts and a little chocolate. Side note: Even more than healthy eating, exercise can be important as you age.

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