This is the full results of Eurovision 2023 –

After the final, the EBU announced the full results of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. How many points for whom and when? Here you can find all the points of the three live shows in a simple overview.

Lorraine is the second artist after Johnny Logan to win the Eurovision Song Contest more than once. Eleven years later pleasure Pulling them now Tattoo Second win. Johnny Logan won as a singer in 1980 and 1987, and again in 1992 as a composer.

In addition, Sweden and Ireland are now present Seven wins each In the history of the game. This made them both record holders and Ireland, who last won in 1996, lost that distinction.

Host nation England has received a cold shower and 25th and final place. Last year’s winner, Ukraine, finished sixth this time.

The points were far apart

In the final, the points of the professional juries and the audience were far apart. Loreen went through the competition like a steamroller with the judges, but Fin Kääärijä was even more successful with the public. He scored 376 points through televoting Over ten points per voting country with a maximum of twelve.

Norway’s Alessandra received more points from the public than from the professional juries, as well as artists from Ukraine, Croatia, Moldova, Poland and Albania. Conversely, entries from Spain, Estonia, Australia, Czech Republic, Austria and Belgium were highly praised by experts.

Gustaf received high marks from the judges Australia, Georgia and Greece. He finished seventh in both the jury votes and the overall ranking.

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