This is what science says about the so-called men’s flu

The phenomenon of “man flu” appears in every influenza epidemic. Some people (read: women) claim that men exaggerate flu symptoms. Science has now taken a closer look at this disease. Is men’s flu contagious or do men actually have a harder time with the flu than women?

Man flu has made a name for itself and is even listed in the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries. Oxford defines it as “a cold or similar minor illness suffered by a man known to exaggerate the severity of the symptoms.”

Do men have the flu more difficult than women?

Scientists from a study published in British Medical Journal They analyzed numerous studies and publications about man influenza. All this to find out if men have a harder time than women during the flu. Or is the male gender assertive?

Smart minds have come up with some interesting points:

  • Men with higher levels of testosterone may have a lower antibody response to the flu vaccine. As a result, vaccinated men may experience more severe symptoms than women.
  • Female hormones, such as estradiol, appear to reduce the immune response in women, which may lead to milder symptoms.

In addition, some studies show that men are hospitalized more often and are more likely to die from the flu. In fact, a popular magazine states that men take longer to recover from influenza-like illnesses than women. According to the magazine, men need three days to recover from influenza, while women need a day and a half to recover.

Man flu is more than just an allergy

It appears that men’s flu, based on the above research findings, is more than just an allergy. “The concept of male flu, as currently defined, may be unfair,” the study says. In other words: next time you have the flu and a woman calls you a poser, let her read this article.

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