You can now finally change gears and drag race yourself in GTA 5

If you feel while playing Need for Speed: Underground 2 I didn’t feel like Dominic Toretto or Brian O’Conner, you’re lying. We have many good memories of virtual street racing and still hope every day for an official new version. Before that, you can finally start drag racing in an eleven-year-old game. Not only that: from now on you can also operate yourself GTA 5.

However, shifting gears yourself is limited. You can only use it in drag races created by Rockstar GTA 5. So we’re not allowed to wander down the highway into an open lobby and pick out the gear ourselves. Additionally, you can hear the transmission shifts, but there’s no audio clip of an engine clicking the rev limiter. This means you can’t switch by ear, which is quite disappointing.

What partially makes up for this is the way Rockstar builds drag racing. Before starting you should do exhaustion. The better you warm up your rear tires, the better your start will be. Additionally, you can use NOS and you can run traffic, which provides additional authenticity &F/NFS feeling. In general, the update is a good reason for this JTAClan and replay the classic game.

This is what drag racing and gear shifting looks like GTA 5 Outside

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