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In the American city of Alameda, California, a woman spent at least 15 hours on top of her overturned car. The woman ran into trouble while driving on a flooded street. The area has been experiencing serious floods for several days. In a video posted by the local fire brigade, you can see how the woman was rescued by helicopter.

California has been experiencing severe storms and heavy rain for several days, causing severe flooding in many places throughout the state. The city of Alameda, located east of San Francisco Bay, was also hit hard. Emergency services had to respond several times and shared video of the incredible rescue on Facebook.

The pictures show the woman sitting on her overturned car on a street completely flooded with water. The woman was dragged into her car about 7:30pm on Monday, which overturned shortly afterwards. The victim was able to free herself from her car and climb onto the top of the car.

“The situation could have ended differently.”

According to American media, the woman lost her mobile phone in the midst of this chaos. As a result, she was unable to notify anyone. A passerby did not notice her until the next morning, at least 15 hours later, and notified emergency services. The fire brigade used a helicopter in the rescue operation, and was eventually able to pull the brave woman out of the water. The victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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“You could see from her condition that she was very cold,” Fire Chief Kent Carlin said. “The situation could have turned out very differently. The woman could have been swept downstream, but fortunately she was strong enough to lift herself into her car,” the statement said.

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