This is what the story is about

Netflix has another, even richer gem: the series Reindeer baby. You've probably already seen it on the list, and if you haven't yet…do it. The film revolves around the true story of Richard Gadd, a comedian from the United Kingdom. He's been hunted for five years (!) and his story has now been made into a series, with Richard himself starring in the title role.

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This is what Baby Reindeer is all about

Richard Gadd, a comedian from the United Kingdom, has been stalked for years. His name in the series is Donnie Dunn, but Richard plays him and the story is also entirely his story. Donnie works at a bar during the day and there he meets a woman named Martha. At first there wasn't much going on and the interaction was normal and friendly, but Martha became obsessed with Donnie. She is at every performance of his, waiting for him and appearing at his house. He also receives 41,071 emails, 350 hours of voicemails, 744 tweets, 46 Facebook messages, 106 letters, and even gifts. Soon it's no longer fun, but try reporting it to the police.

Fun fact: The letters and emails you see in the series are the real emails that Richard once received. Do you want to know what happened to Martha in the end? You can read that here.

Why was the series called Baby the Reindeer?

The series is called Baby Reindeer because Martha created it as Donnie's pet name. It sounds really cute when you first hear it, but when you think about him being a stalker, it gets a bit annoying.

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This is the trailer for Baby Reindeer

The series was created by its creators The end of fun in the world And you can see those similarities. The same kind of shots, awkward moments, timing and quality.

Baby the Reindeer score on Rotten Tomatoes (English)

It's a huge success and it shows: the series has a score of 100 (!) on Rotten Tomatoes. If you are looking for your next series to… Gluttony This is clearly the best option.

What production has already received a high score? This is the movie Challengers. It's only available in theaters on May 2, but it's already the hit movie of 2024.

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