Boring work? This is not without risks, according to a new study

Brain training, learning a new language or a challenging mental sport. This adage has been true of your mind for years Either use it or lose it. By training your brain like a muscle, it stays fit and healthy. A new Norwegian study shows that you can prevent memory problems later in life if you put your brain to work.

The brain loves variety

in Scientists from Oslo Universitetssykehus (Norway) watched the research 7,000 people worked in more than three hundred jobs. It was estimated how much cognitive stimulation each participant received during their workday, or how hard their gray cells had to work.

This was measured based on daily practice. It is not surprising that repetitive, routine tasks, such as factory work or bookkeeping, stimulate the brain less. While performing complex, ever-changing analyzes or maintaining social connections, such as programming or teaching, more of the brain is required.

Among the most common occupations, teachers scored highest on the brain challenge, while postal workers and customs officers performed the worst.

Brains retire

After retirement (over age 70), participants in less challenging jobs were 66% more likely to have mild memory impairment than participants in brain-intensive work. This difference does not appear to depend on gender, age, or general health.

But before you apply for a new job in education (they need people there, of course). Unfortunately, research doesn't show which specific tasks are most important for staying alert in old age. Is it interacting with students, nagging parents, or mental arithmetic that keeps your mind sharp?

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In addition, the challenge of a particular situation may be greater for some than for others. Does this have any effect? We can't say that yet.

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