Zamarloss in Gestel is ready for a vaccination campaign –

Vaccination centers in Houtland & Polder are ready for use. In addition to Torhout’s De Mast, Gistel’s Zomerloos room is fully equipped.

The Gestel vaccination center is ready for use © TVA

In the coming months, residents of Gistel, Ichtegem and Oudenburg will be able to vaccinate themselves against the Coronavirus at the Zomerloos Recreation Center in Gistel, in Sportstraat. It is the second vaccination center within the primary care area, near Torhot. “We are ready to use after last week’s test rounds.

In Gestel, four vaccination lines were quickly built, “says Mayor Gautier Devrin (Open Vld) Van Gestel. There are two consultation rooms and one vaccination room per line. To ensure that the centers are ready to open the doors, all field operations have been reviewed and checked during” Dry courses “or test rounds last week. There were no major problems, some small issues were resolved.”


As for the setup, we worked together with the easel maker. Charging the entire process, from reception to waiting area, was a fair business. “Not only did we look at the practical and technical side, but also the accessibility and the family atmosphere,” says Gauthier Defreyne. Outside, the sidewalks were lowered, and inside were posters and banners with pictures of tourists from the three municipalities. Each line of grafting was given a cheery color.

At full capacity, the vaccination centers will operate from 8.30 am to 9.15 pm daily. “At full speed, we can vaccinate 850 people a day in Gestel and 1,000 people a day in Torhot. But this of course depends on the vaccinations available. During the first two weeks, doctors and nurses who have not yet been vaccinated will be able to get their injection there,” says Differin. (TVA)

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