This is what the time of day says about your health

Do you wake up often at night? Not only is this annoying for you (and your potential partner), but it also tells a lot about your health. At least, this is what India and China strongly believe. This is what it says every time about your health condition. At least, according to Eastern philosophy.

If you have serious concerns about health conditions, we recommend seeing a doctor.

Of course, it’s always possible to wake up at 2 a.m. Especially when you live in a crowded city Ambient sounds Play a big role. If your sleep is interrupted from time to time, it’s not that bad. But does this happen every night? Then something else might happen.

The spiritual meaning of the time you wake up

Do you usually wake up at one, two or three in the morning? Then there can be several reasons. your room temperature, Hormonal problemsOr environmental factors, stress, or health problems can play a major role.

In parts of India So the Chinese believe it may have something to do with your active body. According to this philosophy, meridians pass through your body. These meridians supply different parts of your body. When you wake up at night, it may be because things are not going quite smoothly with one of these meridians.

Wake up between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM

Do you often wake up between 11 and 1 p.m.? Then it may have something to do with the meridian responsible for the flow of energy to the gallbladder. This organ serves as a temporary storage place for bile in your body. The spiritual meaning behind this has to do with your feelings. Ask yourself if you have felt very disappointed recently.

Nocturnal vomiting between one and three in the morning

According to Chinese philosophy, this time frame is related to the meridian responsible for the liver. On the spiritual or emotional level, it represents the liver Extreme anger. Maybe there is anger boiling underneath you or do you get angry easily?

Roof service between three and five o’clock at night

If you wake up between 3am and 5am, it can have two meanings. On the one hand, it could be your lungs. In the spiritual realm, it also represents the lungs Sorrow.

Do you suffer from Sadness or sad feelings? These can then happen at night between 3 and 5 p.m. Another reason for waking up between these times may be that you are having a spiritual experience the awakening He goes. Especially if you are going through a stage of development on a spiritual level, you will be able to awaken more often at these times.

Waking up between five and seven in the morning

For all the early risers among us, there may be several reasons why you are up early. Maybe you have an early schedule, your kids wake you up, or your alarm goes off at 6 a.m.

According to Chinese philosophy, the meridian responsible for your intestines is associated with this time. Your intestines are responsible for the digestion process. Not only from your food, but also from your emotions. If you can’t digest your feelings, you may have Emotional blockage Obtains.

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