North Korea wants to launch three more spy satellites next year north korea

The plans were presented at the annual party meeting chaired by Kim Jong Un. The North Korean leader delivered a speech at the meeting. He also said in his speech that North Korea has no choice but to pursue its nuclear ambitions and strengthen relations with countries opposed to the United States because the country has taken “unprecedented confrontational steps” against Pyongyang.

Kim also said that reunification with South Korea is out of the question and that North Korea must radically change its attitude toward the neighboring country.

North Korea says it launched its first military spy satellite, Maegyong-1, on November 21, which would have transmitted images of the White House, the Pentagon, US military bases and “targets” in South Korea. Pyongyang never released those photos.

If the Malygyong-1 missile actually works well, it will greatly enhance Pyongyang’s military power. North Korea is now one of four countries, along with the United States, Russia and China, working to develop hypersonic missiles. Despite UN sanctions, efforts are underway to expand the missile arsenal. The North Korean military now possesses modern submarine and long-range missiles that can strike the United States.

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