This is why you shouldn’t be sitting behind a curtain for long

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Do you often sit behind your cell phone or other digital screens? Then it is important to know that looking at the screen too much is harmful to your health. Here you can read why you shouldn’t do this.

We’ve known for longer than today that sitting behind a screen for too long is not good for your eyes. But in today’s technological world it is almost impossible to avoid. However, it is important to take breaks from the screens as much as possible.


Computer eyes or computer vision syndrome (CFS) is a condition that many of us suffer from from time to time. The complaints about this syndrome are: burning, redness in the eyes, blurred picture, headache, and trouble concentrating.

Our eye muscles get tired because the focus point is so close. Usually the focus points in front of our eyes are 2 to 3 meters in front of us. Looking at the screen isn’t that bad. Complaints only come when you stare at your computer all day.

Fortunately, most symptoms disappear quickly by blinking a few times. If it’s not over yet, you can take a 15-minute break from your screen. If complaints persist, it is wise to visit an ophthalmologist.


Whether it’s a laptop, a TV, or a mobile phone: No screen is healthy enough to stare at for hours. What you can do to stare less at your screen is consciously put your digital devices aside.

Nowadays, you can set a strict screen time on cell phones. This ensures that you receive a notification when you have exceeded the specified time. This way, you are more aware of your eyes.

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It is also important to keep a distance from your screens. So, try to be about 50 cm away from your smartphone or tablet, for example. Also, if possible, switch between paper and screen. This gives your eyes more comfort and keeps them trained to focus on distant objects.

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