This techno spinning party will make you fitter and healthier

Beer, unhealthy food, bad sleep. No health techno party or festival is known. However, these two can be combined very well. Saints and Stars, for example, have a “holy voyage.” High-intensity workout and club experience created by the team at the Awakenings Festival.

Basically, it’s a regular 50-minute class. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in just under an hour. You can track calories via the app. You can also accurately see your heart rate, set resistance and many more stats about your body and training via your phone.

Techno party and spinning session

Techno music while spinning provides extra energy. In addition to the loud Awakenings music, there is also a real light show. This really makes you look like you’re in a club during the Holy Ride.

techno party, spinning
(Photo: Saints and Stars)

However, there is a difference with techno party. Instead of a well-known DJ, there are coaches in front of the class who motivate you. For example, Channah Hewitt, better known as The Voice Of Holland, Lion King and Tina Turner.

Just to be followed in Amsterdam

Currently only Saint and Stars A gym in Amsterdam to the Holy Ride. When you get a subscription of €109 per month, you can catch all the unlimited workouts at one of the two locations in Amsterdam.

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If you’re looking for more new ways to get fit, check out HADO. This Japanese sport can now be played in the Netherlands and is gaining in popularity. It’s kind of a mix of games and sports where you play dribbling, but then the next level. You can read more about this here.

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This techno spinning party will make you fitter and healthier

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