This way you keep your nails healthy

Some people have it naturally, but not all strong and healthy nails are equal. There are certain things that cause your nails to break off more quickly, which is something you want to prevent. This is why we’ve listed culprits when it comes to (finger) nail care for you.

Wrong file

Do you use a nail file? Then it can be the cause of brittle nails. There are different types of nail files, so when using a high quality glass or crystal file, not much can go wrong. But there are also plastic files, often cheaper, with a black or colored coil coating. Sometimes these files are not hard enough, which can lead to splitting the tips of your nails.

Plus, the way you file your nails is also important to keep them healthy. Do not roll back and forth, but always cautiously one way.

Don’t forget your skin

Not only your nails, but also the skin that needs some care. Dermabrasion has a great effect on the nail bed and the way it grows. Is your sore skin often inflamed or broken? Then your nails will grow jagged or wavy faster, which makes them appear less youthful and can be painful. Certainly in times of Coronavirus, when we often wash our hands and hands, the skin dries out faster. To keep skin healthy, it is important to moisturize it properly, for example with a good skin oil or hand cream. The outer skin is also likely to become inflamed when you bite your nails or fingers. Read the article below for tips on how to stop biting nails permanently.

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Nail polish

Do you use nail polish? This can also be harmful to the health of your nails. When painting your own nails, it’s always important to use something called a base coat. Apply this clear base coat under your nail polish to make the polish stick better, but also to prevent annoying stains on your nails. Repeated use of nail polish can ultimately leave a yellow glow on your nails.

Nail polish removal

After a while, this nail polish should also remove your nails. To keep this as harmless as possible, it is best to use a good nail polish remover for this. Sometimes it is tempting to remove peeling nail polish from your nails, but this is bad for the quality of your nails. For this reason, you also pull a layer of your nails, which results in rough or even flaky nails. Over time, this weakens your nails to the point that they become very soft and flexible. So always choose nail polish remover when removing nail polish.


However, not every type of nail polish remover is equally beneficial for your nails. There are abrasives with and without acetone and it is better to choose the latter for healthy nails. This is because acetone can dry out your nails, which could lead to split nails. The acetone remover may take a little longer to remove all the color from your nails, but it is ultimately healthier for your nails.

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