This (winter) sport is very beneficial for your mental health

You may already know that exercise or exercise is good for your mental health, as physical distraction and endorphins ensure that your “brain” stays healthy too. But there is one sport that ranks better on the mental health ladder. She is skiing.

New research shows that skiers are less likely to develop an anxiety disorder. The results were published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Psychiatry. According to these findings, skaters are 60 percent less likely to experience anxiety than non-skiers.

Skiing reduces the risk of developing an anxiety disorder

For the study, scientists examined 19,685 Swedish skaters who entered Vasaloppet. This is a large-scale international skating competition. Researchers monitored them between 1989 and 2010 and compared competitive skaters to people who did not skate. Then they followed them for another ten years for further developments.

It showed that despite education, age, or gender, skaters performed better in terms of mental health. They were less likely to have anxiety disorders. However, there was a difference between men and women when it came to pressure to perform. Male skaters were not prone to anxiety disorders. However, the level of performance had an effect on the women. Women who performed high in skating were more likely to be anxious than women who skated at a lower level.

but According to researcher Martina Svensson The chances of skaters developing an anxiety disorder are generally much lower. Definitely compared to women who don’t exercise or exercise a lot.

Sport for mental health

Several studies have already shown that physical exertion affects our mental health. This research confirms this theory. Exercise distracts from anxious thoughts and naturally flows endorphins. In this article metro By the way, five tips to clear your mind. We also know that nature has a positive effect on our minds. Improves sense of well-being. Exercising outdoors, such as skiing, has a very beneficial effect on our mental health.

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This (winter) sport is very beneficial for your mental health

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