Yes, music may be part of the sport, but no one expects to be your Yabba Dabba Dancemix.

Listen, we don’t have to agree with all modern phenomena. There are things we can and must resist. This week, Julien Althuisius is turning against personal trainers with a penchant for portable speakers.

During this pandemic, we are all looking for ways to continue our lives as normally as possible. Balconies are closed, so we drink in the garden or walk endlessly with a friend. We ride and hop on the race bike, buy new inline shoes, try it twice, and then sell them again. Those who have been vaccinated finally embrace their grandchildren again. Those with a test fetish get their brains tickled with a cotton swab twice a week. Desperate, sign up for Fieldlabs and watch Holland and Latvia with another 4,999 people. They go with a fanfare to illegal parties. Those with small bars ride noisy engines on sunny days. And those who want to keep fit, do sports in the absence of open gyms outside.

The latter is often accompanied by a personal trainer. Now I have nothing against personal trainers. Some of my good friends are personal trainers. I admire their intransigence and undying optimism. Have you seen a dreary personal trainer? accurately.

Personal trainers are having a particularly hard time now that gyms are closed. I wish everyone good health and a fit body. I give everyone a personal trainer. And I give personal trainers their turnover. I also give them other personal trainers they can meet and have children. Very fit children, who will one day meet our children in great abundance and be trained, are Burpee And after the exercise, talk about regeneration.

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One thing I don’t like is personal trainers. Portable speaker. I understand that for many people music is just part of the sport, and it can have a stimulating effect, so you can do that a little bit better. I got it. And if it happens within the four walls of a gym, so be it. As a subscriber to that gym, you are tacitly agreeing to it in some sense. (However, it would be nice if Goldberg’s forms got some air time in the gym, too.)

But now you, dear portable speaker lover health coaches, also to understand something. park, sidewalk, sidewalk, sandbar where people walk their dogs, parks, playgrounds, finishing area under the bridge; They are part of the public space. The idea of ​​a public space is that everyone can use it and that you are not a nuisance to other users of that public space. Playing loud music in places where people come to walk, talk to each other, let their children play, relax or just watch others is not very social. After all, you wouldn’t want someone to organize a small dance valley on your doorstep, right?

(Sometimes, while writing this column, I can suddenly overcome the chronic despair that is usually limited to social studies teachers.)

Yes, exercise is very good and healthy. Wonderful. we will see. Yes who sees. Oh, wow, swipe three times. excellent. applause. Come on, ten burpees. Yes! You are a shining example. keep it up. We are all watching. We are all impressed.

But no one – really no one – is waiting for the Yabba Dabba Dancemix for you.

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