This world clock app shows all about time and position of the sun

TerraTime is the free app for those interested in the weather and the location of the sun and moon. You can see the clouds on the ground and the position of the sun in real time through a beautiful 3D screen.


Free TerraTimeThe app is primarily a world clock app, where you can add different places to display the current time, and via the home screen widgets, you can always track the time in those added places. You can also quickly notice the difference in the time zone you are in.

But at the same time, TerraTime is more than just a simple world clock, because the app also comes with a beautiful 3D Earth display. You can see the real-time position of the sun and the app can also show the clouds on the earth based on the satellite images. You can also see city street lighting on 3D animation.

Augmented Reality

TerraTime also has an augmented reality (AR) function, because you can view the course the sun is taking with your phone’s camera. In the camera overlay, you see the lines in which the sun moves with the times indicated on it.

View the tablet for the application

We already talked about the widgets for this app, but you can also easily have TerraTime on hand with live wallpapers that you can set on your phone and watch faces for your smartwatch using Wear OS. Most of TerraTime’s functions are only free, but if you want an ad-free viewing with additional options at the top, you should choose the paid version.

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