Thousands of people over 80 have received an invitation to vaccinate …

Vaccination coverage in the 80-82 age group is surprisingly low compared to the ages around. The Welfare and Health Agency suspects they have not been invited.

Three-quarters of Flemish people over the age of 65 were vaccinated, and the vaccination rate was over 90 percent in the older age groups. But something strange happens with a group of 80 to 82 years old: according to figures from the Welfare and Health Agency, which administers vaccinations in Flanders, fewer people have been vaccinated compared to, say, 78 or 88 years old.

“Something must have happened there with the invitations,” Dirk DeWolfe of the agency said at a news conference. It appears the invitations left, but did not arrive. The maximum is just over ten thousand people, but in reality it should be less. Many vaccination centers have already corrected and contacted these people, so that they have already been vaccinated. An investigation is still ongoing in the exact location where the error occurred.

Temporary slight decrease

This week and beyond, there has been a temporary slight decrease in the number of vaccines administered, resulting in 468,845 vaccines being placed on May 3. This then accumulates to more than half a million, before easing back briefly in the second half of May. During this period, there are also many second doses in the program.

In June, more than 700,000 vaccines are given every week. Every Fleming over the age of 18 is still expected to receive a vaccine by July 11. It is now the turn of people between the ages of 65 and 69, in May, it will mainly concern people with an underlying condition. They are mixed with people between the ages of 60 and 64 and police force operations units.

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