Three of the best law faculties in Europe

Rohit Mahbub

Hello, dear readers! My name is Rohit Mahbob. I am a third year law student at the Free University. Initially I started my school career with international business and languages. When I took the ‘Business Law’ course, I knew for sure: I wanted to study law! Then I got my propaedeutic certificate from the HBO law course to go to university. Along with studies, I work at Bijlmarmer Legal Aid Shop. Law is a very dynamic course in which you are at the heart of society as a law student. After all, law can be found in every aspect of society. My interest in law is broad. I have a keen interest in constitutional, international, political and sociological issues. Civil law subjects like property law and contract law also attracted me. My goal is to work in a large, international company. When I tell people I’m studying law, I often get responses like: “Isn’t that boring?” Or: “You certainly know the whole law book.” I want to change this stereotype about law (students) through my blogs! I would like to inform the reader about the latest legal developments in an accessible manner. Tips, questions and suggestions are always welcome. I can be reached at [email protected].

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Ferdinand Woolridge

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